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Portable retinal imager examines retinal microvasculature

We are developing a low-cost, easy-to-use, portable retinal imager designed to non-invasively capture physiological information from the retinal microvasculature, providing a quantitative means of monitoring the progression of various metrics indicative of ophthalmic and systemic disease. Our approach eliminates the need for pupil dilation or contrast dyes and allows for important eye exams to be performed in primary care and community care environments. By positioning our devices in primary care centers, healthcare facilities, pharmacies, and community clinics worldwide, we hope to increase access to high-quality, essential care for millions of at-risk and underserved individuals while reducing the cost of care associated with eye exams.


Initial Focus

Millions of people in the world suffer from diabetes.

Nearly 29 million Americans (9% of the population) have diabetes, with an additional 7 million undiagnosed and 79 million at risk. Globally, more than 371 million people currently suffer from diabetes, a population that is expected to grow to well over 550 million by 2030.

World Diabetes Statistics

Approximately 1 in 3 diabetics currently suffer from diabetic retinopathy

DR is a medical condition that results from prolonged mismanagement of diabetes which manifests as damage to the small blood vessels (or micro-vasculature) of the retina, and is the most frequent cause of blindness among adults. Each year, nearly 65,000 Americans progress to the late stages of the condition and as many as 25,000 lose their eyesight. Through early detection, however, healthcare providers can better manage a patient’s diabetes, preventing the vascular damage that occurs as DR progresses.

  • Diabetics receiving recommended annual eye exam 50%
  • Diabetics who have never had an eye exam 36%
The primary reasons cited for the failure to obtain an annual eye exam are:

  • inconvenience
  • cost
  • lack of symptoms

Prevention of vision loss associated with diabetes is an area of significant need that may benefit from the use of our technology.

Recent News

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TEDCO chooses JHU BME biotech start-ups for funding

Three Johns Hopkins BME-associated medical technology companies have been selected by the Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO) Life Science Investment Fund for financial investment. TEDCO’s Life Science Investment Fund is specifically designed for companies that are beyond the technology validation stage and further along in product development. They invest up to $200,000 to support milestone-based medical products advance more quickly and efficiently toward commercialization. For full story click... read more

These 4 medtech companies just got funding to help with FDA approval

FDA approval is one of the big reasons biohealth startups often take longer to get off the ground than other categories, like software. So when TEDCO took over a fund that specifically catered to the category amid last year’s reorganization, the state’s quasi-governmental investment arm decided to specifically target companies that needed some more runway as they sought the government-guarded milestone. On Wednesday, TEDCO announced the first round of companies that will receive money from the Life Science Investment Fund, and three are from Baltimore. The $200,000 investments are made in the form a five-year convertible note. Here’s who got funding: Sonavex, a Johns Hopkins spinout that makes a system to improve blood clot detection during surgeries. AsclepiX Therapeutics, a Johns Hopkins spinout developing pharmaceuticals that can replicate the body’s natural processes. Vasoptic Medical, a Locust Point-based company which is making a device that allows primary care doctors to give eye exams to diabetes patients, rather than an eye doctor. Gel-e, a College Park-based company that is commercializing hemostatic medical devices. For full story click... read more

Four Md. medical companies get $200K investments

Four Maryland medical technology companies are getting a boost toward approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration thanks to new investments from the Maryland Technology Development Corp. The corporation, known as TEDCO, has awarded $200,000 each to the four companies through its Life Science Investment Fund, which provides late-stage funding for entities that have already validated … For full story click... read more

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