COLUMBIA, MD (7/20/16) — The Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO) announced today that four Maryland companies received a total of $800,000 in funding through its Life Science Investment Fund (LSIF). They are:

  • AsclepiX Therapeutics, a biotech company established to leverage the anti-angiogenic peptide development and the nano/microparticle technologies;
  • Sonavex, which has developed the EchoSure/EchoMark system to detect clots during surgeries, earlier and more reliably than existing modalities;
  • Vasoptic Medical, Inc., which leverages laser-based vascular imaging technology to solve diabetic retinopathy, deploying a portable blood flow monitor for early detection and management; and
  • Gel-e, which is focused on expanding its core technology platform to develop and commercialize hemostatic medical devices.

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